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Pathao PayLater is a subscription service offered to an exclusive group of Pathao customers that allows users to order food, rides and parcels from Pathao in a single tap, with no upfront payments, and can pay back within 30 days. This feature is targeted towards those who may not have the necessary funds at the time of their order and need a more flexible payment option.

Pathao PayLater is a special subscription service that allows Pathao customers to order food, rides, and parcels with no upfront payment and pay back within 30 days. As a senior product designer, my role was to provide a seamless user experience for this feature. This UX case study aims to highlight the design process and challenges faced in designing Pathao PayLater.


Problem Statement

The primary challenge of designing Pathao PayLater was to create a seamless payment experience for the user while keeping transparency and convenience in mind. The aim was to provide the user with the ability to order food, rides, and parcels without worrying about payment at the time of the order. 



Design Process

Before designing Pathao PayLater, we conducted thorough research to understand user needs and expectations. We collected data from user surveys, focus groups, and user interviews to identify pain points, user behaviors, and preferences. Our research showed that users preferred a seamless payment experience without having to worry about payment at the time of order placement.

  • User Research: We conducted user research to understand our users' pain points and requirements regarding payment methods. We gathered feedback on their experience with the existing payment process and identified areas that needed improvement.

  • Ideation: Based on our user research findings, we brainstormed ideas and came up with the Pathao PayLater feature. We identified the key features that needed to be included, such as the ability to pay later and a subscription model for additional benefits.

  • Wireframing: We created wireframes to visualize the user journey and ensure that the feature was intuitive and easy to use. We focused on creating a simple, straightforward process for making payments and clearing balances.

  • UI Design: We designed the UI of the feature, keeping in mind Pathao's branding guidelines and color scheme. We used clear and concise language to make the feature easy to understand and follow.

  • User Testing: We conducted user testing to ensure that the feature was user-friendly and addressed our users' pain points. We made necessary changes based on the feedback received to improve the feature's usability and effectiveness.

Design Exploration:
Based on the research, we created multiple design concepts that focused on providing the user with a seamless payment experience. We explored different design patterns and layouts that allowed users to easily subscribe to Pathao PayLater and select their desired package. We also considered the different payment methods that would be convenient for the user.


User Research

A mixed-methods approach was employed for this, including quantitative and qualitative techniques, to gather a comprehensive understanding of user needs and preferences.

Phase 1: Online Survey

An online survey was distributed to 100 potential users in Dhaka, Bangladesh covering a diverse demographic, including age, gender, income levels, and geographical locations. The survey aimed to gather information on:

  • Familiarity with and usage of BNPL services
  • Preferred online shopping platforms and payment methods
  • Factors influencing users' decisions to use BNPL services
  • Pain points and challenges faced while using existing BNPL services, if any

Key findings from the online survey 

  • 48% of respondents were familiar with BNPL services, while 26% had used them in the past

  • 61% of respondents preferred using mobile wallets or credit/debit cards for online payments

  • Trust, ease of use, and flexibility in payment options were the top factors influencing the decision to use BNPL services

  • Existing pain points included a lack of clarity on fees and repayment terms, concerns about security and privacy, and a limited number of supported merchants

Phase 2: Focus Group Discussions

Following the survey, 10 in-depth, semi-structured interviews were conducted with participants who had experience using BNPL services. The interviews focused on exploring:

  • Users' motivations for choosing BNPL services
  • Specific use cases and scenarios in which BNPL services were preferred
  • Satisfaction levels with existing BNPL options and suggestions for improvement

Key findings from the focus group discussions

  • Participants often chose BNPL for high-value purchases or during financial constraints
  • BNPL services were preferred for electronics, appliances, and clothing purchases
  • Users expressed a desire for more transparent communication about fees, flexible repayment options, and a more extensive list of supported merchants

Final Solution

After conducting extensive research and exploring multiple design concepts, we finalized a design that met the user needs and preferences. The final design consisted of a subscription model that allowed users to choose their desired package as per their requirements. The subscription fee is charged at the end of the billing cycle, along with any outstanding dues.

We designed the Pathao PayLater feature to be fully transparent, with no hidden fees or legal jargon. At the end of the billing cycle, we send users detailed information about any changes and how they may impact their experience with PayLater.

To use PayLater, users simply need to select the PayLater option at the checkout page. The amount due will be added to their Pathao PayLater balance, and they will have 30 days to clear their dues. Users can also track their PayLater balance and usage in the Pathao app.  



Onboarding Flow


Subscription Flow

Pathao PayLater also offers a subscription model, which provides users with additional benefits such as discounts, priority support, and extended payment windows.


Home, Dues and Transactions




One of the primary challenges in designing Pathao PayLater was to ensure that the feature was transparent and easy to understand for the user. To achieve this, we had to carefully design the user interface and provide clear explanations of how PayLater works.

Another challenge was to ensure that the feature was integrated seamlessly into the Pathao app. We had to carefully consider the user flow and design the feature to be easy to use and understand.



Pathao PayLater is a unique feature that provides a convenient and transparent payment experience for Pathao customers. As a senior UX designer, my team and I worked hard to ensure that the feature met the user needs and preferences. We designed PayLater to be fully transparent, easy to use, and seamlessly integrated into the Pathao app. Overall, we believe that Pathao PayLater will provide a positive user experience and make ordering food, rides, and parcels more convenient for Pathao customers. 

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